about Scoop

Preston Eakins is Scoop the Balloonatic.

That wasn’t always the case, of course. At one point, Preston was perfectly normal. Even, perhaps, a little boring. Then, a few years back (okay, okay, maybe it was quite a few years back), Preston decided to go to a local school for clowns. With fedora perched jauntily on his head, his “PRESS” pass stuck firmly in the hatband, Preston became the intrepid clown reporter, Scoop.

Scoop the Clown learned about character, costume and make-up. He learned how to make people laugh. He learned a handful of very amusing magic tricks and, of course, he learned how to twist balloons.

And that was when Life took a sudden turn for Preston.

Scoop the Clown enjoyed making people laugh. He liked the magic tricks, too. But he absolutely fell in love with balloons! He discovered he had a real passion for turning colorful latex into stunning works of art and he threw himself into a whirlwind of balloon twisting education. He became faster. He became more versatile. Over the years, he became a true maestro of every esoteric aspect of balloon art.

He became … Scoop the Balloonatic.

Scoop still likes to make people laugh, but he doesn’t wear white-face any more and he only rarely breaks out a magic trick. Because, frankly, the most impressive magic is what he can do with those darn balloons.

Scoop the Balloonatic at Work!