Balloon Menus are about providing choices.

Every balloon takes a certain amount of time to create, even for someone as fast as Scoop. To make sixty balloons for sixty children in one hour, each balloon can take no more than one minute of twisting. All of those balloons will necessarily come from the One Minute Balloons Menu.

Add another hour of balloon twisting to your event and those same sixty kids will get choices taken from the Two Minute Balloons Menu. It’s all just a matter of simple arithmetic.

Of course, Scoop always tries to be flexible, too. Those sixty kids might all receive one- or two-minute balloons, but if it’s at all possible (and it usually is) Scoop will twist something really impressive for that special birthday child.

The important thing is that you, as well as all the children, are happy with the choices that have been made. For Scoop, that’s always the end goal.
One Minute Balloons

classic balloon dog
classic balloon dog

Two Minute Balloons

Three Minute Balloons

Four Minute Balloons